How Form Design Affects Customers

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Here is a good example of what information and how it is collected dramatically influences potential customers.


ClickTale ran a small test on its own site around their sign up process and saw 39% of potential customers fallout at step 2 of the sign up process.

After digging in a bit deeper they saw that nearly all fallout occurred because of one (1) specific piece of information that was being asked for. Phone number. Even though this field was not marked with an asterisk nor required people were uncomfortable with the question, possibly assuming it was required, and chose to bail on the form rather than continue filling it out.

ClickTale’s designed a solution to explicitly call out that the phone number was optional. This one word change nearly doubled conversion rates (from 43% to 80%) and it decreased the 39% fallout down to only 4%.

This is a simple fix that had huge gains.

However, I wonder if ClickTale really needs to ask for phone number at all? If they aren’t going to use it, a better solution would be to remove the field entirely.

In either account, the way in which a website asks potential customers for information has a direct impact on how likely they are to convert.

If you would like help on designing forms that influence your customers and form best practices email me or give me a call at 330.648.FARM, to see how Small Farm Design can help.

99 Responses to “How Form Design Affects Customers”

  1. Lisa

    Wow! This is why people need usabilty and user experience specialists. Amazing conversion rates so easily achieved.

    12:02 pm on 6/11/10
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    2:42 am on 6/13/10
  4. Lisa

    have you been to the sign up form recently? they are still asking for phone number and there is an asterix next to it which i can only assume (there is no explanation) that this is a mandatory field. bit odd considering their findings.

    2:31 pm on 6/13/10
  5. Craig

    Lisa, I saw that too. I don’t understand why they would do that either.

    Having used their service before there really isn’t a reason to ask for a person’s phone number. Everything can be completely set up online.

    4:37 pm on 6/13/10
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    5:29 am on 6/5/15
  7. Margarita

    After content writing it is design that matters a lot.

    8:07 pm on 3/6/16
  8. Nolan

    I agree with you. Although form design is not important but it should be design carefully.

    8:47 pm on 3/16/16
  9. Jesse

    Many developers don’t care about form but they are important as well.

    9:03 pm on 3/17/16
  10. Lana

    I would like to say many designers are now offering great services for designing.

    8:19 pm on 3/18/16
  11. Ted

    It is important to provide user-friendly environment to every customer.

    12:38 am on 4/23/16
  12. Curt

    Thanks for mentioning this. This is less important thing in any website

    6:12 am on 4/24/16
  13. Shweta Malik

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  14. Chakra Activation

    My friend is web designers and according to him contact form doesn’t make lot of difference.

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  15. Ellis

    Now only form design but each and everything affect customer.

    10:18 pm on 5/25/16
  16. Guy

    It is really shocking to find design can turn down the mood of customer.

    9:32 pm on 6/21/16
  17. Sherrie

    Order form is very important and it should be simple

    9:01 pm on 6/22/16
  18. Daglish

    We should design contact form small and up to the mark.

    12:19 am on 8/27/16
  19. Libbey

    These form design looks really awesome.

    9:43 pm on 8/28/16
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    1:17 am on 9/1/16
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  27. Sakorikova

    Thanks.Many developers don’t care about form but they are important as well.

    1:14 pm on 10/8/16
  28. Meto

    Thanks It is really shocking to find design can turn down the mood of customer.

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  33. Sophia

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  34. Jacob

    Yes of course, form design affect customers at greater deal.

    9:16 pm on 11/24/16
  35. Mae

    You are right. Bad form design can kill your conversation.

    10:17 pm on 11/29/16
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